Cargo Chief Enhances C4 Platform with Predictive Pricing Integration

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[SAN FRANCISCO, DECEMBER 18, 2023] – Cargo Chief, a leader in Capacity Procurement and Automation for freight brokers, has forged a strategic partnership with by integrating predictive pricing into its C4 platform. The collaboration enhances the capabilities of both solutions, allowing users to seamlessly leverage either C4’s or Greenscreens’ rate within Cargo Chief’s digital freight matching solution.

Streamlining the experience for C4 users, the integration eliminates the need to toggle between platforms and provides a consolidated interface to compare truckload market data. This introduces an additional layer of confidence with market rate intelligence for joint customers, simplifying adaptation to market changes but also equips freight brokers with the tools necessary to cultivate and safeguard margins for increased business success.


"The integration of pricing into our C4 platform emphasizes our commitment to delivering value to our users," said Russ Jones, CEO and Co-Founder at Cargo Chief. "By providing a unified view of pricing data, we empower freight brokers to make better-informed decisions and stay ahead in an ever-evolving market."


The integration introduces an extra layer of confidence with market rate intelligence for joint customers, allowing them to leverage C4’s rate or Greenscreens’ rate in their automated quotes to carriers with Cargo Chief’s digital freight matching solution. This makes it easier to ensure alignment with market changes and furnishes freight brokers to grow and protect margins for increased business success.


"We strive to simplify our customers' lives," said Matthew Silver, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “Giving our mutual clients access to our software from either platform helps achieve our goals to simplify and enhance our customers' daily operations."


Cargo Chief continues to lead in technology-driven logistics solutions, demonstrating its dedication to driving innovation within the industry. To explore how these integrations can elevate your freight brokerage operations, schedule a discovery call at


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