Partner Spotlight: Logistically TMS and Cargo Chief Revolutionizing Freight Management

Cargo Chief + Logistically TMS

Logistically TMS is a cloud-based, scalable, and intuitive transportation management system designed to meet the needs of 3PLs, Brokers, and Shippers. With its wide range of features supporting LTL, FTL, Parcel, Drayage, and more, Logistically is the ideal partner for businesses seeking to elevate their freight processes and take their logistics operations to the next level.

About Logistically TMS

Logistically TMS is renowned for its simplicity and ease of use, allowing customers to get up and running within a couple of days with minimal training required. Catering to 3PLs and Brokers of all sizes, as well as independent Shippers managing their freight, Logistically offers a flexible and comprehensive solution to manage diverse transportation needs.

Key Differentiators of Logistically TMS

There are several reasons why Logistically stands out from the competition:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Logistically TMS is remarkably easy to navigate, saving valuable time for customers and ensuring a smooth onboarding process.
  • Exceptional Integrations Team: The team behind Logistically's integrations is highly skilled and adaptable, resulting in timely project completions and seamless interactions with other platforms.
  • Multi-Modal Support: Logistically covers all bases, supporting various transportation modes, including LTL, FTL, Drayage, Parcel, and more. Businesses no longer need multiple TMS solutions to manage different aspects of their transportation.
  • Direct LTL API Carrier Integration: Logistically's direct integration with all LTL API Carriers ensures prompt support and API implementation, unmatched by competitors.
  • Independent Ownership: As an internally owned and funded company, Logistically prioritizes its customers' needs without external influences, adopting a hands-on, customer-centric approach.

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Partnering with Cargo Chief

The decision to partner with Cargo Chief was a strategic move for Logistically TMS. Accessing and analyzing capacity in today's fluctuating market is crucial, and Cargo Chief's tools provide the ideal solution. The collaboration is enhanced by Cargo Chief's exceptional team and powerful technology.

The Value for Freight Brokers & Shippers

Since partnering with Cargo Chief, Logistically TMS has witnessed a transformation in how they support FTL Brokers and 3PLs. The integration of Cargo Chief's capabilities directly into the Logistically TMS UI has brought visibility and efficiency, revolutionizing freight management. Additionally, Cargo Chief's Booking Assistant tool further streamlines the process, enabling customers to cover loads quickly and effortlessly.


What's in Store for Logistically TMS?

In the upcoming year, Logistically TMS is committed to delivering even more value to its customers:

  • Expanded 3rd Party Integrations: The introduction of additional integrations will foster connectivity, automation, and visibility, enhancing the overall logistics experience.
  • Customer Collaboration: Logistically TMS will continue working closely with customers to build the best TMS in the market, ensuring it aligns with their evolving needs.
  • Increased Automation: The focus on automation will empower users to accomplish more tasks with fewer keystrokes, streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

If you're in the market to level up your TMS operations, Logistically TMS is a great partner for a powerful, user-friendly, and all-encompassing transportation management solution.

By teaming up with Cargo Chief, they have elevated their capabilities, delivering unprecedented visibility and efficiency to their customers. With exciting developments on the horizon, Logistically TMS is set to redefine the freight management landscape.

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