Case Study: Simple Logistics’ Transformative Journey Towards Automation with Cargo Chief

Cargo Chief + Simple Logistics Case Study

At a typical brokerage, you come in, post all your loads, answer as many phone calls as you can, and then go home, stressed out, burnt out, and do it all over again the next day.

For Simple Logistics LLC, they knew that wasn't how they wanted to run their 3PL.

Simple Logistics, a third-party logistics company based outside of Chicago, IL, has been simplifying logistics management for its customers and carriers for over a decade. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, they have pioneered their way to being a tech-forward brokerage by embracing automation and building out an extensive tech stack that has enabled them to develop long-term relationships with their customers and carriers while nurturing the growth and development of their employees. But this didn’t happen overnight.

In 2019, Simple Logistics implemented McLeod Software as their TMS, and later attended the McLeod User Conference where they were introduced to Cargo Chief. Quickly, they recognized Cargo Chief’s procurement & automation platform had the potential to amplify their operational efficiency and elevate their customer service capabilities. With their sights set on harnessing the power of automation, Simple Logistics seamlessly incorporated Cargo Chief's platform into their operations.

How Cargo Chief Helps Simple Logistics Grow

Create a more reliable carrier network
The team at Simple goes beyond their historical data by leveraging the C4 network to expand their lane coverage and gain market share. Leveraging Cargo Chief's robust carrier network with over 1 million lanes, Simple optimized their network, expanding carrier profiles and tripling lane coverage.

Optimize and streamline rating strategies
Simple uses C4's real-time transaction data to enrich their quoting and RFP process to win more business.

Prioritize and strengthen carrier relationships
Armed with a strong network, the team at Simple uses Cargo Chief's data-driven digital freight matching to send load offers to qualified carriers they trust, driving more carrier engagement. Automating ongoing and frictionless outreach to carriers enabled Simple to communicate at scale and stack options straight to their TMS and inbox to book freight faster.


Results-Driven Success with Cargo Chief's Carrier Procurement Platform

With a tech-forward mindset, the team at Simple Logistics is simplifying how they work with their carriers and customers through Cargo Chief's Carrier Procurement Platform. Within months, they have:
  • Expanded in-network carrier lane coverage by 3x
  • Experienced 50% more engagement from carriers
  • Reduced the time to book loads to under 15 minutes on 25% of their freight
  • Booked 10% of freight digitally per month
  • Increased gross margins by +2.13%

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